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The Chambers Family

I love a no non-sense family, and the Chambers are that family! We were in and out of our session quickly. I've worked with this family numerous times in the past, and I've known them even longer, growing up just a few houses down from Phil. I remember it being a very busy day at this location, with a wedding party shooting off in the woods to our right. We lucked out with some gorgeous fall color and two very enthusiastic kids!

The Savage Family

One of the best aspects of my job is working with clients again and again over the years and watching how their families grow. I've seen a senior in high school through to her wedding. Engaged couples to parents. I met Mark and Shannon for maternity photos back in January of 2014 and this past fall I had the opportunity to photograph their gorgeous family of FOUR. 

Anna and Austin

Austin and Anna were so easy to photograph. Here's my #sorrynotsorry confession - whenever I book with a client, I may or may not stalk them on social media. It just helps me get to know them a little better and of course, get a sneak peek at just who will be in front of my camera. Well, as you'll see looking at these images, I about died when I saw this adorable couple. Better yet, the first few images I saw of Anna were her standing on the back of a horse, snuggling a pig and standing on the top of a mountain. (Sadly that was not all in one photograph) Though looking straight out of a magazine spread on their wedding day, their adventurous, laid-back personalities came through their images. It was such an amazing morning at the Washington D.C. LDS Temple!

A Snowy Winter Session

Every photographer has a bucket list. While I've shot post snow fall many times, I'd never had the opportunity to shoot during a snow storm. A week before Christmas, I finally crossed it off my list! While this dusting was by no means a storm, it fell just enough to blanket the ground and act as a perfect reflector for gorgeous light during this mother daughter session.

The Pahls Family

Months ago, shooting at this exact location, I ran into another photographer also holding a session. I was doing my very best to make sure we were not in her way, weren't hogging any particular spot, and basically just trying to be a considerate fellow photographer. Later that night, I got an email from that photographer, who recognized me from social media. Man, I felt like a star! I could only assume it would be a matter of time before paparazzi were waiting for me outside when I went to the bus stop, just trying to pick up my kids. Famous people problems, right? Well, as of now, I'm still waiting, and my head has rightfully deflated. The best thing to come out of this chance meeting was getting to shoot Kathleen and her family, a task that she and so many other photographers put off.

The Webdale Family

I have loved getting to know this family over the past couple of years. Our first session was back in 2014, and while their sweet little girl has gotten a bit taller and her hair a bit longer, she hasn't lost that spark that makes their images so fun! I fell more in love with that pop of purple with each image I edited. Can you believe all of these beautiful images happened in 30 minutes during a mini session?

The Beatty Family

I love social media. Although my blog sometimes gets a bit dusty, I find myself on Instagram quite often and love meeting and networking with other local photographers. When I'm not watching food videos and makeup tutorials of course... Anywho, one of those photographers Insagram introduced me to was Denise. After years of being official "Instagram Friends", she reached out to book a session for her super adorable, stylish, and devastatingly sweet family. There was a tiny window where the session could happen - one child returned home from France just days before our session, and in just days another was about to set out half way across the globe to India. Oh, and did I mention the entire family was moving to California in days as well?? Go big or go home!

Introducing Neve and Aksel

While I wouldn't call myself a birth photographer, when someone asks if you'll be part of one of the biggest days of their lives, you don't say no based on technicalities. I'm not a food critic either, but I never turn down a warm brownie! The invitation into a delivery room is an extremely flattering one, and one I received from Liese and Craig last month. In case you're unfamiliar with how the whole birthing thing works, it involves ones most private of areas on full display. Not only is it on display, it's what one might call "the main attraction". This otherwise awkward experience was perhaps made easier by my longstanding friendship with Liese -- we've been friends since we were 12 -- and I was also there for the birth of her daughter, Leila. It was such an incredible experience, witnessing a birth as a spectator vs. being the patient. I was absolutely ecstatic to be able to share in the experience again for the birth of their baby boy and baby girl. Yes, twins.   

The Day I Became A Stolen Gear Cautionary Tale

If you ever find yourself in a bunch of photography groups on Facebook, every so often you'll see a horror story of a photographer who had their gear stolen. The first question is always "Do you have insurance?" followed by the caution to never do x, y and z - after the fact of course.  I truly never thought I would be one of those stories - until I was.

Why Sharing Locations is Okay

We've all done it. And after we've been rebuffed for the first time and we try it again, we do so with our teeth clenched and hope for the best, a little scared to open up a reply email.  

I'm talking about approaching another photographer and asking where a shoot took place. 

Location, location, location doesn't just apply to real estate. In the photography world, a location not only serves as a backdrop for your session but can set the whole tone of the resulting photographs. When I begin consulting with my clients, I always ask what look they want - industrial, urban, more earthy and nature-y (is there a better term than my made up one??) or even a beach theme.

These were taken by different photographers in the same area of Old Town Alexandria.


My Favorite Spots at the Washington DC LDS Temple

This past week it was announced that the Washington D.C. LDS Temple will be closing for two years in March of 2018. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, LDS (or "Mormon") faith, this was an obvious bummer. As a photographer, I suddenly realized it meant something else - for two years I will not be able to photograph an LDS wedding using the beautiful DC Temple as my backdrop! 

Tony and Alison's Haymarket Wedding Day

Tony and Alison

Tony and Alison were the perfect clients. Alison knew exactly what she wanted on her wedding day and had planned every last detail to perfection. It showed, from her dress, to the wedding party, to the table settings and dessert table. Alison was not a meek or bashful bride - and I loved it! I got to know Tony and Alison well in the few short months between booking and shooting their big day. It's so rewarding as a photographer to shoot with a couple that values what you do, and gets so excited with the results! I just absolutely adore this couple and I can't think of the last time I had this much fun shooting a reception. I kind of wanted Tony and Alison to adopt me before the night was over..... 

Katie and Patrick's Sunset Engagements

I love having the opportunity to work with couples, even if I'm not able to shoot their wedding day. Patrick and Katie were so outgoing and easy to shoot. They were game for anything I suggested, and were so natural in front of the camera. Any time you get a couple talking about how they met and the wedding plans, it's easy to get them to open up. Plus, who doesn't love sharing their love story? We had an absolutely breathtaking evening for our session and I think it shows in some of my favorite images we captured that night!

Mackenzie's Senior Portraits

I've heard of artists talking about having a "muse" plenty - I am an art major after all. I have to say, when I started shooting Mackenzie's senior portraits, a few minutes in, I finally "got it". Yeah, I had that "ah ha" moment. The red hair, her gorgeous smile and her raw talent in front of the camera - I could have shot Mackenzie all evening if the sun hadn't started going down on us! The best part? Mackenzie is as kind and sweet as she is gorgeous. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed working with her. She hasn't declared a school quite yet, but I am sure she will do fantastic wherever her future studies take her! 

A Look Back At 2016

I always look forward to reading my fellow photographers "Year in Review" posts. Even though I run my own photography business, the behind the scenes photos are always my most favorite when scrolling through their entries. As I began to reflect back on 2016 in preparation for writing this post, I found I was at a loss for words. The last half of the year has been so full of sessions and clients new and old, that while I originally felt 2016 was a more humble year compared to others, in actuality it's been my most blessed season to date.

Jeff & Larlee's Washington DC Temple Wedding

After shooting Larlee and Jeff's engagements in their home base of New York City, I knew their wedding would not disappoint. After months of planning, everything came together flawlessly on their big wedding day. Despite neither the bride nor groom being local to the DC area, there were surrounded by so many of their families and closest friends. 

Unfortunately, this was the first wedding in years that I had shot on my own, without my second shooter Chance Hammock by my side. However, I quickly made friends with Larlee and Jeff's fantastic videographers, Bri and Jan. I love working with other vendors who stretch my creativity. I was able to help a bit being local to both the area and having worked at both venues previously, as well as seeing things differently from their fresh perspective and trying new angles and shots as well. 

While I wish I could plaster their entire wedding gallery on my blog, here are just a number of my favorite images from their storybook wedding day!

Beth & Sophia

This session was one of my favorites this past fall for a number of reasons. As a photographer, we live and breathe for optimal lighting. As a family photographer, sometimes I sacrifice ideal light for morning sessions with kids that aren't hovering so close to bedtime. With Sophia being a bit older, we were able to schedule our session just before sunset. As you scroll through the images, I hope even the least photographer savvy viewer can see just how amazing the light was for this session. 

Secondly, good styling is so important when it comes to making or breaking a session. I offer a lot of coaching as to what to wear, and I fell in love with both Beth and Sophia's sweaters. Can you believe Sophia's is HAND MADE! That color green against her blond hair and skin tone, against the fall backdrop was just to die for. I was please with what I was seeing on the back of the camera during the session, but when I got them into Photoshop and saw them full size I was blown away by just how stunning all of the details were, working together. 

Here are just some of my favorites from my session with these gorgeous girls!

The Anderson Family

I look forward to every session with the Anderson family. Jaelyn was just a toddler when we first shot together. She had short, curly hair and was such a trooper as we shot in the hot D.C. summer. Now, she's a pre-teen with glasses and the student body President of her elementary school! The family has grown since our first session, but I was there to capture family portraits just a month before Ryleigh was set to arrive and her first year photos as well. This is my first time shooting them as a family of four and by far my favorite session to date!

Andrew & Katia

When Andrew and Katia contacted me back in 2011 for our first session together, they explained that Andrew was always taking pictures. He loved photography and they had a million pictures of their sweet girls - but very few pictures of Andrew. Can anyone else relate? I know I can! I often will hand my camera over to my husband and ask him to take a few pictures of me with my kids, to acknowledge I was at Christmas. I was there at Halloween. I was there at the school program. 

So, each time I photograph this sweet, fun family, I make sure to grab lots of pictures of Andrew with his girls. These memories are important for them and this is my favorite session of theirs to date!

The Mincemoyer Family

There's a soft spot in my heart for this family. I first worked with them back when their cute little stud was barely able to sit up on his own. I'd had a bit of a rough night the night before our session, and was worried I may arrive a few minutes late to our session and texted them on the way to let them know. When they arrived at the session, instead of the usual handshake and introductions, they handed me a ginger ale that they'd picked up for me. I've never forgotten their kindness and was so excited they contacted me this fall to update their family portraits, which are now missing a very adorable addition. Here are just a few of my favorites from their fall mini session!