Photography Mentoring Program

When I first began my professional photography journey (which sounds super cheesy, but bear with me), I found myself admiring the work of other photographers often. I'd do my best to emulate them because of how much I admired their work. Sometimes, I would be brave enough to reach out to them and ask them a question about their editing or what settings they may have been using on a particular shot. The answers I received back varied - some would be incredibly kind, willing to share not only the answer to my question, but loads full of additional information. Many photographers responded with very vague explanations, that really didn't explain much at all. And the last few? Well, about 8 years later I'm still waiting for that magical "you've got mail" jingle. Some either lost my email in the shuffle or didn't think it was worth the time to respond.

As my business grew, I knew I wanted to be the photographer that would not only respond, but really do my best to educate and share why the answer was so or what experience led me to understanding a technical or business concept. I've never found that I gain anything by preventing others from getting ahead.

I am proud to introduce two options for those who would truly love to pick my brain, with no guilt of feeling as though you are taking advantage of my willingness to teach. I don't discriminate between hobbyist photographers and hopeful professionals. The direction of each mentoring session is up to you - we can discuss camera settings and gear, the ins and outs of running your own business, editing, or troubleshooting why your images don't look the way you want them to. There are no restrictions to what we can talk about!
  • One hour coaching appointment through an online software that enables us to chat and view my screen for editing instruction and tips
  • "Ask me anything format", where no subject is off limits - business setup, client interaction, cameras, editing, etc.
  • An open line of communication following your session, where you can come back anytime with additional questions or concerns
  • An instructional photo session with models (a couple or family)
  • Coaching on client/photographer interaction, shooting, lighting, camera settings, etc.
  • Complimentary head shots
  • One hour online mentoring session where we can discuss editing, delivery and any additional questions you may have with an open line of communication following your mentoring session

Ready to set up a mentoring session? Shoot me a message and let's get this thing started!

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