Hello! I am Kelli, and when I am not photographing families and couples in Northern Virginia, I am sitting on the edge of chairs in full hair and makeup, smiling at a camera.
Realistically? I'm probably spending money on stuff I don't need at Target, buying more makeup (because why not), eating food that isn't "on plan" for anyone (but goes great dipped in ranch), or watching a period TV show/movie because I was born in the wrong century and accents + long hair + emotionally tortured men do it for me.

Here's all the boring stuff: I received my Bachelor of Science in Art and Visual Communications from Utah Valley University. I studied photography, graphic design, drawing and other art mediums. However, the only thing my mom remembers about my education is that I took a nude drawing class...

I don't know that I can recall when I first started shooting. In 1994 I received my first 35mm camera. I was paid $40 to shoot my first wedding when I was in high school and probably spent it on fast food - not much has changed. I created my first business website back in 2008 and ten years later you've found your way to my current home on the world wide web.

A few other places I've been seen: