Hello....It's Me.

And by me, I mean Kelli. The Kelli of Kelli Brewer Photography. You won't hear me saying "we" or "our", because this is a one woman show.

I am a portrait and wedding photographer serving the greater Washington D.C. and northern Virginia area, based out of Woodbridge, VA. I received my Bachelors of Science in Art and Visual Communications from Utah Valley University. I studied photography, graphic design, drawing and other art mediums.

However, the only thing my mom remembers about my education is that I took a nude drawing class.

If there were a highlight reel of things that make me happy, it would include the following: celebrity gossip (I never go to sleep without watching TMZ first), chicken fingers and fries (I'm not 12, I promise), cutting and coloring my own hair (this can be dangerous), sleep (having kids has really cramped my style), historical and period pieces (the recipe for any good movie includes a man in uniform, long hair and an accent), trips to the Outer Banks (we go every summer), and my family.

Hello world!
Received my first 35mm camera for my birthday, upgrading from a hot pink, plastic 110 film camera. Anyone remember those??
Photographed my first wedding as a senior in high school for $40. It was an elopement, and at the time, I thought I was rich. I probably spent it on Burger King - not much has changed.
Married my husband Adam, after meeting the year prior in college. I originally canceled on what was supposed to be our first date. But he was so charming when I did so, that I agreed to reschedule instead.
Purchased my first SLR digital camera, a Nikon D80 and a 50mm 1.8 lens. I bought everything off eBay and my "research" was falling in love with the way a friend's photos looked, asking what camera they had, and bought it. I don't recommend this method.
Graduated from Utah Valley University. My senior project was the design of my logo and branding - which I still use today. I still have nightmares about failing a class and being unable to graduate!
Left my favorite job as a copy store manager and moved back home to northern Virginia. My daughter Autumn was born 5 months later.
My son Brody was born 8 days after I shot a wedding on the hottest day on record in the Washington D.C. area. It was the first and only time my husband has ever accompanied me to shoot a wedding - he followed me around with a cooler of drinks and ice.
Ten years later, here I am! We've planted our permanent roots in the northern Virginia area and my daughter asks if someday I will photograph her wedding. We'll see.