Introducing Baby Caroline

A couple of years ago, I was struggling with deciding whether or not my husband and I were finished adding to our family. I'd always pictured myself having a larger family. Four was my number, and then I'd see where to go from there. Now, here I was at "just two", debating on whether or not our family was meant to be larger than a party of 4. Ultimately, we found our family complete. 

I've always been confident in my decision, but that doesn't mean I don't love to hold and cuddle sweet little babies. Working with newborns and their families is the best of both worlds - I can get my baby fix but pass the baby back when it comes to diapers, feeding in the middle of the night... all that "other" stuff! How wonderful to get my baby fix, but also see how much my former newborns have grown into such sweet, chatty, beautiful big sisters!

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