Why a Happy Client is my Best Advertisement

Noel Grace Photography

Recently one of my neighbors had some work done on the front of their home. We're talking brand spanking new wood and trim, new paint, and some good 'ol power washing. The home looks almost brand new, despite being over 20 years old. Unfortunately, there's no yard sign advertising the company that's done the work, as we often see with home projects that are a large undertaking. It's made me think about knocking on her door to get the name of the company, should I decide to invest in upgrades for our home as well.

Photography - whether it's posted on social media or displayed in the home - works very much like the story of my neighbor's exterior work. A happy client is my best advertisement. When someone changes their profile or timeline picture to one that I took? It still makes me giddy after all these years. At the end of the year when I open up a holiday card and I see a shot I took with gold embossing and a personalized note from a client? I proudly display it in my kitchen, probably a little too far into the next year. (As I also often do with my outdoor Christmas lights...)

Last year I spent less than $100 on advertising for the entire year. That sounds kind of crazy right? How can a successful business still bring in income with such a small advertising budget! That's because most of my clients come to me purely by word of mouth or seeing my work.

There's a good chance I will never knock on my neighbor's door, simply because it requires more effort than if the company's sign had been on their lawn. (Is that admitting to the world I am lazy?) As consumers, we're more likely to buy something with brand recognition because that recognition creates a sense of safety and assurance about our investment and the outcome of our purchase. Ever wonder why Nike and Coca-Cola continue advertising even though they're already billion-dollar powerhouses? Whether we realize it or not, equating a brand with a quality product (in this case the flawless Cherry Coke) makes us more likely to choose that product on recognition alone.

Combining a great photo with the photographer that took it creates a brand, creates recognition, and creates a sense of security for a prospective client. That truly is the best form of advertising that I could hope for - and the greatest thank you I receive from my clients.

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