Jaclyn and Brad's Great Falls Engagements

Does anyone else take for granted their local landmarks? Whether you live in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, New York City or here at home in the Washington DC area, do you take advantage of nearby landmarks or do you avoid them (and tourists) like the plague? 

Raises hand. 

Guilty. Absolutely guilty. I've lived in this area over 20 years, and not once have I ever visited Great Falls National Park. Then, one of my best clients Jaclyn got engaged to Brad and suggested the spot for her engagement session. I went into it with all of these preconceived notions of what the popular attraction would be like; I'd have to navigate huge crowds and leave extra early because parking would most surely be tough and 495 traffic is a beast. Well, basically none of those things happened. When I wasn't making constant references to how "this looks just like The Last of the Mohicans", I managed to capture these insanely cool images for Mr. and Mrs. Carlson.

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