The Pahls Family

Months ago, shooting at this exact location, I ran into another photographer also holding a session. I was doing my very best to make sure we were not in her way, weren't hogging any particular spot, and basically just trying to be a considerate fellow photographer. Later that night, I got an email from that photographer, who recognized me from social media. Man, I felt like a star! I could only assume it would be a matter of time before paparazzi were waiting for me outside when I went to the bus stop, just trying to pick up my kids. Famous people problems, right? Well, as of now, I'm still waiting, and my head has rightfully deflated. The best thing to come out of this chance meeting was getting to shoot Kathleen and her family, a task that she and so many other photographers put off.

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful evening to hold our session. You'd never know Kathleen admittedly waited until the last minute to style their session. Everything came together brilliantly, from the fall mustard palette (a personal fave!), textures and boots fit for our walk around the Manassas Battlefields. These are just some of favorites of the Pahls and their gorgeous girls!