Beth & Sophia

This session was one of my favorites this past fall for a number of reasons. As a photographer, we live and breathe for optimal lighting. As a family photographer, sometimes I sacrifice ideal light for morning sessions with kids that aren't hovering so close to bedtime. With Sophia being a bit older, we were able to schedule our session just before sunset. As you scroll through the images, I hope even the least photographer savvy viewer can see just how amazing the light was for this session. 

Secondly, good styling is so important when it comes to making or breaking a session. I offer a lot of coaching as to what to wear, and I fell in love with both Beth and Sophia's sweaters. Can you believe Sophia's is HAND MADE! That color green against her blond hair and skin tone, against the fall backdrop was just to die for. I was please with what I was seeing on the back of the camera during the session, but when I got them into Photoshop and saw them full size I was blown away by just how stunning all of the details were, working together. 

Here are just some of my favorites from my session with these gorgeous girls!

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