Stacy's Trash the Dress Session

To my married friends - do you know where your wedding dress is? Did you have it preserved? My dress currently sits at the top of my son's closet in one of those clear, plastic space saver bags. I can't fit into it anymore, and I've only pulled it out once or twice to show my little girl. While it's out of sight and out of mind, physically getting rid of it or selling it would be hard for me. If I never saw it again though, I'd probably never notice. 

Stacy on the other hand, tried to sell her wedding dress, hoping to pass it on to someone else to use on their wedding day. When that proved unsuccessful, she decided to have some fun with it instead. When I got her email and she pitched her idea, I was ecstatic! I am always looking to try something new and different, and a "trash the dress" session was definitely on my bucket list. 

After a slight moment of hesitation before we began, we went for it! As you can imagine, we drew quite a few stares and at one point, had two crowds gather around us during our session! At first glance all probably assumed we were taking bridals, and we heard literal gasps from park goers when they saw us splatter the paint on her dress. They even came up to us and asked, "Why are you doing that?!" They even shared with us their party cupcakes!

It was a really fun experience. Unique to be sure. The end product was nothing short of art and I'm so grateful to Stacy for this opportunity - and for her being so brave!