Kelli Brewer Photography in Martha's Vineyard

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Martha's Vineyard for an engagement session. I didn't even try to play it cool or pretend it was just business as usual. I was incredibly excited and just couldn't believe how lucky I was to be apart of something so awesome! 

A few weeks ago one of my very best friends from Utah text messaged me and asked me what I thought about flying up to the island to take his engagement pictures. He and his beautiful fiance, Becca, would be there visiting his family's vacation home and they'd love to memorialize such a special place to him and what I imagine will someday be a special place to her. The stars aligned (and Nana agreed to babysit...) and before you knew it, I was booked on a plane from Washington, D.C. to Martha's Vineyard!

I was jetting up to the island on Tuesday evening, shooting on Wednesday and flying home Thursday afternoon. We were so incredibly lucky that Wednesday blessed us with great weather. I wasn't quite as blessed as I traveled up to Massachusetts. After flying over beautiful lighthouses and scenery in Boston, for my layover, I ended up getting stuck for an extra 2 hours due to a pretty bad rain storm. Aside from the lack of air conditioning in the Boston terminal I was in, it wasn't all that bad. In fact, I even saw Ruby Rose! She's the new "it girl" from Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Nobody seemed to recognize her under her hat or sunglasses, but I didn't put the fact I am obsessed with celebrities and celebrity gossip on my bio page for nothing! I wanted to get a picture, but when I found her later, she was eating, and I didn't want to be that fan.

I arrived in Martha's Vineyard a bit later than expected, but I still had plenty of time to get to catch up with Regan and get to know Becca. Meeting a new client isn't anything I stress out about, but there is definitely a new element added when you're rooming with them! Becca couldn't have been nicer, and we hit it off immediately. I knew it was going to be a fantastic trip and more importantly, a fantastic session. 

Regan's cottage home on the island was so Martha's Vineyard. We had a few hours to kill before our session that evening, so I hopped on a bike provided by Regan's mom Wendy, and did a little site seeing and exploring. 

I found my way to the beach, passed by Regan's family plane at a small grass airport, explored some back roads, and eventually walked around Edgartown, MA to see some of the old, beautiful homes and inlets full of boats.

Finally, it was time to set out for our session. We knew we definitely wanted to capture some photos on the beach. Luckily, Regan's home was just 2 miles from the shore. Most of the crowds had cleared out, which was a bonus! However, in order to make it to the Gay Head Cliffs to capture the gorgeous sunset - 30 minutes away - we'd need to start our session a little bit earlier and when the sun was quite higher than I prefer. We made it work, and we were able to capture some absolutely stunning back lit images of our newly engaged couple. After carefully selecting a few outfits and what locations they'd work best in, we knew we'd nailed it when we scanned the back of the camera. Once we captured all of our beach shots, we rushed to the car to start the drive to Gay Head and prayed we wouldn't miss the sunset!

Luckily, we made it just in time! Becca and I had been emailing back and forth before the session to swap ideas and make a plan. I knew she wanted to try some OCF (Off Camera Flash) and I was game. I wasn't able to carry my light stand with me on the plane, so I hoped and prayed I'd be able to rig my light up when it came time. I died a little when I saw so many people (see the 3rd photo below) but I could have fallen to my knees and rejoiced when there was a fence, with FLAT posts, at exactly the height I wanted them. We were able to capture some fiercely unique shots, but also dial things down and go more organic and really showcase the amazing sunset over the Atlantic. 

Up on the cliffs it was a bit chilly, so while we waited for Regan to park the car (such a gentleman, dropping up ladies off!) Becca threw the actual shirt Regan was going to wear onto me to keep me warm! Of course I had to snap a shot for my Instagram! Despite stepping into some poison ivy, we captured some stunning images. We saw the sun set over the ocean and called it good, ending on a real high note. 

As part of my fee, I was promised a genuine, New England lobster roll. A few months ago I had my first roll at a wedding and it was amazing. I couldn't stop thinking about it! You have no idea how incredibly excited I was to not only have another one, but one with real northern lobster! Regan recommended Nancy's in Oak Bluffs and it did not disappoint. It was absolutely stuffed with lobster... overflowing!

After doing a bit more sight seeing the next morning, it was time for me to head home. A short trip, but an incredibly memorable one. Not only was I so excited to be apart of my close friends special day and give them images they'll have forever, but I pushed myself a lot as a photographer stepping out of my comfort zones. Full day sun, OCF on the go... Pushing ourselves usually only leads to bigger and better things, and I can't wait to see what else lies ahead for me and Kelli Brewer Photography!

PS... I also saw Bill Murray on my flight home but alas, no picture again. Photographer fail...

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