Crystal & John - Northern Virginia Photographer

Over Memorial Day weekend, I checked items off my bucket list that I didn't even know where on it. If you follow my photography Instagram, follow on Facebook or heck, even catch me sitting and chatting to a friend, you may have heard about this session. I often tell couples to "bring along any props or special items that they may want to shoot with", but I never imagined those props would be a FIRETRUCK and a huge tractor. Did I mention I got to ride in the Firetruck? Because I did, and it was AWESOME. It was great to get to know Crystal and John, their story, see where they come from and get even more excited about their wedding day in October.  Sure, it was a bit of a drive but once you check out the backdrops for our session, you'd have done it in a heartbeat too!

You guys know I love a good red wall...

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  1. Nice! Always fun to see something unique to the couple!