Introducing the Raves Page

If you take a look at the navigational bar here on my website, you may notice something different - the new Raves page!

I have always been very resistant to the idea of a reviews/testimonials page. I felt like it was me screaming "Hey! Look at me! Look at all these nice things people say about me, me, me!" Self-indulgent maybe? However, after talking to my older and wiser photographer friends, they described the benefit of such pages in a way that made sense to me.

When I shop online, I always check the reviews before I buy something. If it doesn't have reviews, I'm weary to buy. I like hearing from people that have purchased a product who can tell me if it was worth the cost and if the quality matched the description or image depicts. Just because something looks great doesn't mean it will last or it's functional. 

Photography really isn't any different. If anything, you're more likely to invest more in your photography session than a lot of your online purchases. Sure, my images might not be too shabby, but what about me? The experience with the photographer? The time spent at your session?

The raves on the new page are experiences from clients that have tried the Kelli Brewer Photography product and been happy with the results. I'm so grateful to them for sharing their experiences and hope it benefits future clients deciding whether or not Kelli Brewer Photography is the product for them!


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