The Mincemoyer Family - Manassas, VA Photographer

I've been dying to share this session! This took place back in the fall but I wanted to keep it under wraps because the pictures were part of a Christmas present for the grandparents. On the Eve of the last day of the year, I decided it was finally alright to share. Huzzah! 

This session was one I will never forget. As a photographer running my own business, I am a one woman show. There are no sick days and nobody I can call in to replace me. The night before this session I wasn't feeling well. Flu maybe? On my way to the session I messaged Melissa to let her know that I was experiencing the remnants of some bug and I would do my best not to be late, but just in case - heads up. After I arrived on location, I started to feel better. I'll blame it on part stomach bug, part pre-session jitters. 

When the Mincemoyers arrived and I approached for the "meeting of the stranger you've paid to take your pictures" moment, Melissa handed me a bottle of Ginger Ale and said, "We brought you this. We hope you're feeling better!"

I was absolutely touched! It was a great way to start out the session, for sure. It didn't hurt that their little guy was an absolute dream. I mean seriously, look at that little grin! Happy New Year Mincemoyer family! I hope the Christmas surprise went off without a hitch!  


  1. That baby is a model! Beautiful pictures, Kelli. Great job!

  2. He is so smiley!!! These are great I have a 9 year old I would really like you to photograph for me!

  3. The secret was well kept and I love, love, love my canvas of baby Charlie! I'm one happy Grandma! GREAT pictures and I love that they thought to bring you a ginger ale to help you feel better. ;-)