Snow Day! - Northern Virginia Photographer

It's been a crazy past few days. With our first snow of the winter arriving, we have been cooped up inside and unfortunately I had to cancel my second round of mini-sessions. My daughter has been begging to go outside, so today we finally ventured outside to check out the snow before lunch. It took us at least half an hour to bundle everyone up and figure out where things had been stored since the last year. In our efforts to get ready and during our excursion into the wet snow I realized a few things: 

1) I don't own any snow appropriate shoes 
2) My son was wearing pink princess boots and snow pants because he is comfortable in his masculinity, nor did I realize I have no snow clothes in his size
3) and I should really buy an adult sized shovel 

Brody lasted all of 3 minutes before he screamed bloody murder and tripped, face planting right onto the sidewalk. He's got a nice goose egg as a souvenir during his first trip outside for the season. It matches the bruise between his eyes he got yesterday perfectly. Gah! He did look like a little marshmallow man trying to walk around, only stumbling and struggling to get right side up again. 

Autumn, however, had a blast. She loves being outside. We cleaned off the cars, shoveled a few neighbors side walks and even built a modest snowman. I love this time of year and can't wait for more snow days to come our way!

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