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Ever since the popularity of Facebook, Tumblr, blogging and Instagram have exploded, so has the popularity behind photography and posting of pictures. One of the movements within a movement (yes, I went there) has been "Project 365". The theory is simple - take a photo-a-day, every day, for one year. If you're an overachiever, you keep going far past a year.

You see, I have attempted a photo-a-day project at least 3 times. 

And I have failed, miserably, 3 times.

Just thinking about it gives me hives of embarrassment. Lugging my camera around all day every day, trying to get a shot for my photo-a-day. At first I'm excited at the challenge and picking up my camera to take something other than paid work. Then I'm all pumped to upload it to the computer, add some flash to it in Photoshop and post for the world and wait for acclaim regarding my photo of my meatloaf from last night's dinner. But as the weeks go on, the pictures begin to sit on the camera card. And sit. And then instead of having to post one image, I have to post 20. It's become an all night affair and my TV and Netflix grow resentful to the amount of time I'm spending with these pictures. I give up! 

It happens every. Time. 

So, I've cooked up a new recipe for success. No big SLR camera. Just my state of the art iPhone camera, Afterlight (and maybe a few other apps - have any faves?) and Instagram. Every thing on one piece of technology. That sounds easy enough right? 

I'll be posting my efforts on my Instagram, so I encourage (and beg you) to support me in this endeavor. You can follow me at and see how things go following the first of the year. My previous record is March 5. 

Out of 12 months, I barely made it over 3. 

Wish me luck folks - I'll need it. 

*Doing your own photo a day project? Tag me on Instagram (@kellibrewer) so I can follow your progress! If you last longer than I do though, we may not be able to stay friends. I'll cower in my cone of shame. 

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