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A little over a year ago, I photographed the wedding of Emily and Jason. They were such a sweet couple and I loved working with them and their families. A few months ago, Emily and I crossed paths again on Facebook in a Photography group. Emily is also a photographer, currently studying at my alumni, Utah Valley University. I ended up cyber stalking her (just a little bit...) to see how she was doing, I found myself on her personal blog.

I came across an entry detailing a gift Emily had made for her "gramps" - a hand painted watercolor portrait of all his grandchildren. I absolutely fell in love with it. I emailed her almost immediately, asking her if she would be willing to paint one for my family so I might gift it to my Mom for Christmas. She's the mother of 5 and Nana to 17. What a unique and fun family portrait!

I'm happy to report that Emily happily obliged. All she required from me were a few family photos. I sent her my family's latest image taken at our yearly beach vacation as well as individual family pictures of each of my siblings. As the resident family photographer, I had them all on hand! I gave Emily creative liberty and left the rest of the design in her hands. Just a week or two later, I got a first look at the finished product:

Isn't it amazing! What a unique and personal gift. A creative spin on the traditional family portrait. I just love the style and techniques she used. It's amazing just how much each "caricature" looks like their respective family member. I'm so impressed with Emily's talent because she's never met anyone in this portrait except for myself. She really captured everyone perfectly. Don't you just love the little glasses she added to my sweet Autumn's portrait?

Once I received the print, I framed it in a simple wooden frame so that the family truly stood out. It was wrapped with great care and opened to great joy. Both of my parents loved the final product and the truly original idea.

Emily has graciously allowed me to spread the word, and if you're interested in such an original portrait, she's available for hire! To contact her, you may email her at emilysusankim@gmail.com or visit her Photography page.

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