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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and this chilly day that makes winter and the Holiday season seem real and upon us, I'd like to share with you some of the things I am thankful for. From a photographers perspective, of course!

I am thankful for awesome clients. 
I belong to a lot of Facebook groups for photographers in my region and all over the country. Photographers can sometimes use these groups to vent or get an additional perspective when they find themselves in a tricky situation. I am thankful for awesome clients, because it is extremely rare if I can ever identify with these other photographers! I've read that you should hold yourself in the manner of the client you would like to attract, and I am so happy to report that all of my clients are awesome. They're understanding, laid back, friendly, and always seem to value what I'm worth and the service I am providing. Rock on.

I am thankful for Lens Pro to Go.
When I shot one of my first weddings after moving to Virginia, I knew I couldn't get by on one lens. Can you believe I shot my entire first wedding with only my 50mm? I looked all over the internetz for Lens Rental companies and decided to go with Lens Pro, and haven't looked back. They're so friendly, personable and you can tell they're not automated robots running everything. Need a lens? They're your folk. Without the ability to rent lenses, I'm pretty sure I'd be broke from buying everything my little heart desires.

I am thankful for my parents. 
As a working mom, each time I head out to a session I require someone to watch my kids. I am so grateful to live just a few miles from my parents (and my sister) who help me out week after week by watching my kids when needed. I don't think I could do this job without them. The amount of mom guilt I think I would feel leaving them with "strangers" day after day would eat me up over time. I can head out to a shoot knowing they're with family and feel okay about it. They are always willing and always shame me when I contemplate getting a babysitter to give them a break. Without their help, Kelli Brewer Photography would most likely shut it's doors. I don't technically have doors, but you get the idea.
I am thankful for my husband.
Adam, the Mr. to my Brewer, has always been incredibly supportive. He always encourages me and pays me compliments, not because I'm down on myself, but because he generally believes in me. He lets me "do my thing" and never complains. Well, most of the time.

I am thankful for "What Should We Call Wedding Photography"
I found my way onto this blog about a year ago. Whenever I need a break from editing, I head here. Only photographers will truly appreciate just how hilarious it is and I love that each post references pop culture favorites. I find myself laughing out loud - literally and loudly - every time I visit. One such gem:

I am thankful for my inability to be in two places at once...
...because if I could, I wouldn't have had a need for a second shooter, and I would have never met Chance Hammock. Online friends for months before we finally met, it was shooting the biggest wedding I had to date that required some help. He was the only photographer I had a decent relationship with in my short time back in the area, so he was where I went for help. If it weren't for that wedding or that business, I would have made a connection with him or his wife, who I count as some of my very best friends.

I am thankful for having a degree in Graphic Design.
Being a graphic designer has saved me a lot of mulah over the years. Just one other thing I have total control of in my business! Designing forms, logos, print and press items - that's my idea of a good time.

I am thankful for Hulu, Netflix... and my sister's Xfinity package. 
Outside of being on location and shooting, all of my work takes place at the computer. I spend a lot of hours editing mostly, but also updating the blog (*waves*), keeping up with social media, working on galleries and your orders, etc. It can get really boring and repetative, which is why I have two monitors - one for work, and one for play. I watch a lot of online TV and movies as a result and I am always on the hunt for new shows and things to watch. Thanks to these marvelous modern innovations - and my sister's premium channel subscription - I never seem to run out of things to help keep me busy!

I am thankful for you.
Yes, you. Whoever it is that's reading this. Over the past few weeks I have gotten more emails than in the entire few years my blog went live. Emails of your support, describing the obscene amounts of time you've spent on my blog and the things that you've learned. These messages make my day, as they usually come right when I need them. During dinner prep when two kids need my attention at the EXACT SAME TIME... As a photographer just starting out, these behind the scenes posts or the tutorials I try to post were invaluable. I want to be open to help others that were like me, and I love sharing and answering questions that I can. I'm so grateful anyone bothers to read these posts outside of just looking at my work, and for that I am incredibly grateful. 

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