The Genho Family - Northern Virginia Photographer

A few weeks ago I had a whole day experience shooting with the Genho family. Lynnie is an old friend, and she invited us down to shoot on their farm. Over 7,000 acres, it's a beautiful property. Going somewhere else to shoot her family would have made ZERO sense. I headed down early in the afternoon and into the Shenandoahs (for you locals, you can see Old Rag from her property) to find "Clover Hill", an 18th century farm house and plantation.

We drove around the mountain (literally, in the red Toyota you'll see pictured) to find some of their favorite spots; Lynnie's husband John operates the 7,000 farm. The sky was amazing that night - from a beautiful sunset to bright blue clouds to a dark overcast - there was a little of everything as the session progressed and our amazing backdrops changed.

Following the session, we rode the horses, fed the sheep and chased after the chickens. I got a full tour of the house (including the super creepy basement) and Lynnie and John prepared a delicious breakfast spread for dinner, with the most amazing Pumpkin Pancakes you will ever eat! We sat around the kitchen and laughed, enjoying the night well into the dark. It was such a blast hanging out in their little piece of Heaven. What an amazing place to call home! Thanks so much Lynnie for having me!

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  1. Wow, Lynnie is lucky to have such a talented friend. The pictures are great and the family is wonderful - I'm a bit bias though as Lynnie is my neice!