Kirsten & Matt - Old Town Alexandria Photographer

Kirsten and Matt are finally on the blog! I've been so eager to edit through these files and share these images. As we were shooting our first images of the session, Kirsten made note of a really cool fact - we were shooting on the last day of the summer and they are set to wed on the first day of summer this June! Not only that, but we were shooting exactly 9 months to the day before their wedding. It was meant to be! 

Luck was certainly on our side because we moved the start time of our session a few times as we prepared for tricky DC weather. Originally scheduled to start our session at 3:30 in the afternoon, we moved it up to the morning just to be safe and leave nothing to chance. It turned out to be a really gorgeous morning and after we said our goodbyes and headed home, it started pouring - at 3:30pm. Yup - if you're looking for some luck or good karma, try rubbing your computer screen on these images because they are as lucky as you can get! 

Alright, enough from me; onto the pictures! Can't wait to see these two again this summer for their wedding day, which is sure to be spectacular!

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