The Lundwall Family - Northern Virginia Photographer

Remember that business trip I can't shut up about? Well, this is it! A few weeks ago the Lundwall family blessed me with a milestone - being flown out to shoot a session with a client. All expenses paid, upgraded seating (heck, I didn't even have to pay to check a bag or for my soda - that's like first class in this economy!), lodging and car for my stay. 

Immediately when I realized this dream was becoming a reality, we got planning. Ashli and her family have a long history of professional photos but they'd not yet done anything formal. And honestly - neither had I. Dressy casual is usually the best fit for most clients. As you can see, Ashli has a finesse when it comes to dressing her and her family. I just loved how everything worked together and how the formal clothes elevated the session. 

As for location, when I knew I would be shooting in Utah, this orchard is where I wanted to shoot. For years I have melted over sessions I have seen shot here. As you scroll through their session, I think it will be clear why this gorgeous location was my first choice! 

Lundwall family, thank you so, so, so very much for taking a chance on this photographer. I hope I was worth the trip!

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