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I originally put together a "how to dress for your session" blog post months ago. I didn't realize that I'd never posted it, but I'm glad I didn't. Looking it over I realized TOO MANY WORDS. As a photographer, I'm obviously a visual person. Getting wordy for the sake of getting wordy is not my style. So, less words, more visuals!

I figured the best way to help you put together your session outfits was to take a look at past clients and learn why their clothes are working for them:

Here are a few things this family can teach you about dressing for your session:

• Don't be afraid to mix prints!

• Pick a color and use multiple shades of that color to coordinate

• Khakis and jeans work great on the bottom when working with your "color" up top - don't be afraid to mix jeans and khakis in the family!

• If you want to wear white, keep the pops of white small - white and the camera don't always get along. The white pop of her collar and stripes are just enough!

• Use items you already own - see that brunette gal on the left? Her dress was a few years old, but it worked perfect for the session! It's so much easier to accessorize with color to tie people in or buy smaller pieces instead of whole new outfits. Cheaper too!

Here are a few things this family can teach you about dressing for your session:

• Again, don't be afraid to mix prints! Here we have polka dots, and two types of plaid. 

• Be mindful of the size of stripes and prints - notice the mosaic effect on the climbing boy above? The smaller the print, the more obvious that will be and unfortunately there isn't much photoshop can do to save it. Sometimes it shows up in the picture, sometimes it doesn't. 

• Don't be afraid of texture! I love the sequins in the sweet girl on the left. Texture - whether it's rouching, sequins, sweaters, ribbons, flower appliques - can add a real pop to your outfit! 

• Notice the different shades of blue and tying Mom in with the little man by pulling out that small hint of green on his shirt. Her large palette of color really makes him pop! 

• All but two things from this photo were already in their closets!

Here are a few things this couple can teach you about dressing for your session:

• Nothing pops in photos quite like red - I LOVE IT. Jewel tones, like fuchsia, turquoise and mustard colors also add gorgeous pops of color.

• Don't forget about accessories! Belts, scarves, bracelets, hair bows, and other small details can really help pull in colors from your palette.

• Finding a color and working off those shades really makes shopping easier - notice the navy and sky blue pairing?

• Choose the pickiest person's outfit first - for our family, that's me. I want to be confident, so I have to love what I'm wearing. This might be the same for you, or you may want to work off a toddler who has an aversion to textures or tight clothing. You don't want to put together a wardrobe only to have the most sensitive member of the session hate it, causing you to have to start from scratch.


Have you ever heard of Polyvore? Well, maybe you haven't, but have you ever seen images like the above all over Pinterest? I can almost guarentee those images come from Polyvore, which is a shopping website that allows you to create "boards" of fashion, acting like floorplans and color swatches that an interior designer would create for you.

You can create a board searching all your favorite sites - Kohls, Old Navy, Target, etc. You can place items next to each other and see how everything works together as a whole... from the comfort of your home. Without spending a fortune and having to take things back later.

So, summarize:
Happy shopping! If you ever need help coordinating your outfits, I am always happy to play stylist! =)

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