Out of the Office. Yes, again. - Northern Virginia Photographer

Last week was -- amazing. It's been at least 5 years since I last photographed this family, back when it was only a family of two. They humored me by being "engaged" when I needed to build a portfolio, and this past week they humored me by making me feel like a big shot -- flying me to Utah to photograph them yet again. This is only a small look at what's to come from their session, so stay tuned.

I've done my best to get caught up on all of the messages, emails and inquiries I received while I was away. If you're still waiting on me, please let me know!

Additionally, I'm going to be "out of the office" yet again. I'm headed back to the Outer Banks for one last week of leisure before my busy season really begins and school is back in session. I will try (keyword: try) to be as unplugged as possible from work, so expect delays if you try to reach me.

See you all September 2nd!

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