Throwback Thursday - Northern Virginia Photographer

I look forward to "Throwback Thursday" every week. Who doesn't love to see nerdy photos of their friends from high school plastered all over Facebook and Instagram (@kellibrewer)? I decided to mix things up a bit today and go my own throwback - photography style.

Ohhhh yeah...

I went back into my portfolio as far as I could. Some of my very first shoots are going up here people! I can't believe how things change in such a short period of time. "They" say you should never compare your work to other photographers, but rather your own work and how you improve with each session. Well, in doing so, I'm feeling pretty good today! Man oh man. My early portfolio is full of cliches, bad coloring and over-editing.

However, without these early shoots, and clients that trusted me to take them, I wouldn't have gotten the much needed practice to become the photographer I am today. I'm still learning with each session and I continue to still be grateful clients hire me to capture their memories!

Let's throwback!


  1. But I like them all! I see nothing wrong with your early photos and I would have been pleased with them if I had been your client. :)