My Dad...

It just wouldn't be proper, what with all the blogs and newsfeeds blowing up with tributes to their Dad, if I didn't include a public display of affection for my own pops!

You see, my Dad is pretty awesome. Being the baby of the family, I spent a lot of time at home alone with my parents. I feel like that gave me special "bonding time" with my folks. I like to think my Dad's special attachment to my little girl is a reflection of our relationship. I said I like to think that, I didn't say it was true...

My Dad takes such great care of our family. I can always count on him to help me out if something has broken or I'm not quite sure how to do a home repair myself. More than likely, he's done it before, and he can do it again. He never asks for anything in return, except maybe a Dr. Pepper or Snickers. I wanted a pool for the kids for the deck and he went to 3 different stores until he found the one we wanted - and then spent 30 minutes scopping the water out of it so he could load it into his truck. This past weekend he took us camping and all we had to do was show up - he bought Autumn her own Princess flashlight and even a special "privacy tent" with a toilet because he knows Autumn has a fear of portapotties. He runs to the store when I have my hands full with both kids. When I was in the hospital having Brody, he went to the grocery store and picked me up shampoo so I could take a proper shower. He's that kind of Dad.

I know not everyone is so fortunate to live 5 minutes from their parents. I'm so grateful that my kids will grow up knowing their grandparents well, especially their grandpa. Some laugh when he has to stop by or see my kiddos every day, but I enjoy his visits just as much as they do. It's just not a complete day without seeing Grandpa.

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