Do we really need pictures of napkins? Yes. Yes, we do.

A couple months ago my husband's friend asked me to take a look at her wedding photographs, which she was reportedly unhappy with. Before I had a chance to look at the photos, I asked my husband to give me a run down and give me his opinion. He didn't think they were terrible (they weren't) but a lot of the photos weren't edited (things like random wires hanging down, blemishes) and there were tons of random pictures of "stuff", also known as, the details.

Aside from the photographer delivering way too many images (in over 1500 images, there are bound to be plenty of "duds" that take away from the wow factor of the great images - which is why I really cull through my coverage photos), the coverage wasn't all that bad. What I couldn't let go of was my husband's disregard for the "stuff".

As a photographer - and a woman, and former bride - I know how important the "stuff" is. All wedding photographers take pictures of the "stuff". The details - the napkins, the centerpieces, the favors, the plates of food, you name it.

Yes, everyone wants pictures of the couple, their family and their guests. But, think back to your own wedding - do you remember what food was served? What flowers were in your centerpieces? How about what color napkins you had? Did they have writing on them?

I recently just celebrated my 8th wedding anniversary. Forget the fact my husband wished me a happy anniversary a day early and I thought it was 9 years.... I did not have a professional photographer at my wedding. Our Dads provided us with great images from our wedding day - but I do regret not having images like I give my clients. But - 9, er, 8 years ago, the photography game was totally different. So, for example, I don't have pictures of my food. I know we had "little sandwiches" because that was a must. I love me some little sandwiches... I think there was a kind of spinach dip... Probably a fruit tray... Probably vegetables... I know we had punch, but I don't remember what color it was. What flavor...??

If I had images to remember those details, I'd never forget them. So, while in the moment and just weeks, months after your wedding you may look at those images and think "geez, how many pictures can a photographer take of ________", I guarantee when you're old and gray rocking back and forth on your porch, you'll be grateful for those images. It'll help take you back to your special day.

Now, excuse me while I go take pictures of the guestbook, serving platters, name cards, etc.

*A variety of these images were taken by my friend and talented photographer, Chance Hammock

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  1. Besides that, think about how much thought and work a bride puts in to every single decision! If these things were important enough to totally stress out over, aren't they important enough to try and remember? Great job!