Baby Edit, Before & After - Northern Virginia, Photographer

When it comes to newborn photography, it seems like everyone has an opinion. There are more "rules", more "correct" ways of doing things. One issue that seems to create a discussion among photographers is how much airbrushing is "too much". While I've never experienced any crazy requests, I've heard from others things like making a baby's skin lighter/darker to liquifying a baby to make them appear thinner.


People ask to make their babies thinner?? Who doesn't love a chubby baby!

Some topics have a more gray area that is totally up to the parent. "Stork bites", or red patches of skin on the baby's face and body, often go away with age. A photographer can easily remove this at the request of the parents, but some might choose to remember it as it's how their baby was.

A few weeks ago I walked into a session with a total cutie and sleepy head named PJ. Poor bub had some of the worst cradle cap I'd ever seen. His parents had hoped I was able to remove it and I knew it wouldn't be a problem. Cradle cap, acne and dry skin will change over time and I always agree with parent's consent it's best to remove it from session photos.

Roll over the image below (may not work on mobile devices) and look at the transformation with the straight out of the camera shot and my edit, which I presented to the clients:

Before and After

With any session, newborns and portraits, it's amazing what tool we can use after the session to make the most of our photos. You don't have to worry about that pimple that just had to make it's appearance the day of your session or the cuts all over your husband's face from making haste while shaving. Just let me know your concerns and I will do everything I can to make sure you love your photos!


  1. What a beautiful baby! I love that his name is PJ and I love his muslin blanket.

    Great job to you, for making the edit look natural.

    I had my friend, Sarah, edit out Wesley's dry skin in his newborn photos. I felt a little guilty. ha! Glad I'm not the only one who does that.

  2. No way! Everyone does is Anna =) Dry skin isn't permanent so it definitely shouldn't stick around for his photos =)