Online Booking and Contracts

New for 2013 - online booking and contracts! No more fussing with the printer to get the contract printed or remembering to bring it to the session. For all future sessions, all of the legalities of your session will take place online.

With my new system, I'll have everything stored in one place, including your expectations and what you're looking for most out of the session. The contract is now broken down piece by piece so we're all on the same page - no miscommunications, no hidden anything, no surprises.

Contracts will now be taken at the booking in addition to the retainer fee that was instituted this year as well. Let steps, less fuss, and an overall better client experience. That's the idea anyway! 

I'm one of those weird people that loves to fill out those long forms at the doctor's office, so this system is so exciting to me! I have a feeling clients will love it too.

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  1. Hi Kelli!
    Hope you don't mind a fellow photographer "stalking" your page. :) I've been trying to get some kind of online contract like this for my clients to read and sign before the appt. This looks so much easier (for you and for them!). How did you create this? Would you mind pointing me in the right direction? :) My email is portraitsbycynthi at yahoo dot com. Thank you!