Leila's Birth Story - Woodbridge, Virginia Photographer

Words can't even begin to describe how excited I am to share this post with you. But, I suppose I shall have to try.

Back when I was still pregnant with my son Brody, Liese (also pregnant at the time) was attending my baby shower when she told me she really wanted someone to photograph her birth. I asked her who she was having do it when she said, "Well, I was kind of hoping you would." I was so on board as photographing a birth has been on my "bucket list". We had our fingers crossed it would all work out and months later everything started coming together.

I managed to make it to the hospital just as they wanted Liese to start pushing. There was so much support and love in that room. Despite rough goings between contractions, Liese gave it her all and kept us all laughing and entertained. It was so amazing to be a spectator in that room and see birth from the other side. Even though we're old friends, I still can't thank Liese and her husband Craig enough for letting me be there for such an intimate experience.

Leila Faye Walton 
(pronounced Lee-eye-luh)
December 12, 2012  
6 pounds 11 ounces
18.75 inches long



I loved this sight of Liese's brother Josh - he waited patiently while the doctors cleaned everything up and Liese was "decent" before he came in to meet his newest niece.



  1. Oh, my goodness..... there are no words adequate! - I'm a long-time friend of the grandma!!!

  2. Kelli, these are breathtakingly awesome. Oh man. You did such a great job!!! What a TREASURE for them to have these!!

  3. What great photos and what a beautiful baby.

  4. Great pics, beautiful family

  5. What great photos and what a beautiful baby.

  6. Of course I'm crying because babies make me do that... How sweet and how wonderful!

    Congratulations to the parents and to YOU for getting to check one off the list! Great job. Beautiful photos, as always.

  7. Aaaaahhhhh!!! Gorgeous!!! Congrats Liese and Kelli for capturing it so wonderfully. Now I'm really jealous. :-)