I can't believe 2013 is around the corner. How weird does that sound? Thirteen?? With the new year quickly approaching, it's time to make some goals which come with some changes to the business. Below you'll find a few new policies and items added to Kelli Brewer Photography for the coming year:

BOOKING A SESSION: While the session fee is not currently slated to increase (this is subject to change), I will now require a retainer of 50% of your session fee to be paid upon booking your session. It is non-refundable but may be transferred to another date/session if you find yourself needing to cancel. 

ONLINE CONTRACTS: I'm going paperless! No, it's not to save the environment. Instead, it's to eliminate clutter in my office and making the legalities easier for both of us. When booking your session, you will process both your retainer and contract online. It's so simple, yet I am so excited about it.
MINI-SESSIONS: Since introducing mini-sessions this past Spring, they proved to be a big hit for those wanting custom photography but needing to stick to a budget. For 2013 they will become a staple - I will offer mini-sessions every quarter. The best way to stay in the know of upcoming minis is to "Like" my Facebook page!

DELIVERY OF YOUR DIGITAL FILES: As implemented in the last quarter of 2012, all digital files will now be downloaded via your online gallery after purchase or delivered to you via the file server. Again, this eliminates paper costs and gets your files to you faster. My wedding clients will now receive their files via USB drives. No more CDs! Due to the number of files and size of your package, weddings are not offered via digital download.

NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY: My style of newborn photography has evolved a lot since I began Kelli Brewer Photography over three years ago. As a reminder to my future clients, the style of newborn photography I offer is considered "lifestyle". That means so bean bags, no backdrops, no carousel of hats and props. Just you, your partner and your new baby in the comfort of your own home.

I think that about does it. Really, not a whole lot is scheduled to change going into the first of the year. I figure, why change something that isn't broken? I so enjoyed this past year and where my business is at. I'm so grateful for all my past clients and everything I've learned from them. I look forward to 2013 and really improving my client experience. While I can't afford to send you to the spa before each of your sessions, I hopefully can still make you feel like a million bucks and the most prestigious client in the bunch =)

Happy New Year!!

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  1. Wow, thank you Kelli ;) Such a good example of a great small business owner. Though I live in CA, I enjoy following your page.