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1. How do you compete with photographers charging $100 for a session that includes all of their images?

The answer is that I don't. Under pricing myself to compete with that not only hurts photographers as a whole, but in the end I would be losing money and working for less than minimum wage. Because I run a legitimate business, I have to pay taxes and I incur a lot of expenses a lot of new and up and coming photographers do not. Established and experienced photographers often charge more for their work because of the care, professionalism and service that comes with their experience and talent. As I've said before however, there is a photographer for every budget. The important thing is to find a photographer you trust with a style you love!

2. How do you edit or work on images where your subjects wear glasses?

This is a great question - and especially fitting since my little girl wears corrective lenses. Such a good question in fact that I think I'll save it for a full blog post - stay tuned!

3. If you could only shoot one type of session or event for the rest of your career, what would it be?

Families, hands down. I love weddings - I love the food, the romance, the dress, the paycheck and the cake, but it's a lot of pressure. You only have one chance to get it right and nothing can go wrong. That kind of pressure mixed with a gastrointestinal disorder do not mix =) Babies and newborns are way more work than you would ever expect. I love working with families because they understand direction, family photos never go out of style and everyone needs those memories and keepsakes. I know my family is my greatest treasure - I think my style and bookings reflect that. Still, I love to dip my toes into a little bit of everything to keep challenging and stretching myself creatively and professionally!

4. What do you do during the winter months when your sessions slow down?

I take a break!

Well, that's not totally true. I find myself doing a lot of indoor newborn sessions in the winter months. I also get caught up on a lot of business stuff - getting the blog caught up, writing up some more posts and tutorials, getting a head start on my business taxes for the previous year, ordering new stock of supplies and packaging... just boring business stuff =)

5. What made you move from giving clients CDs to delivering their files digitally?

I'd love to say it was to save the environment, but that would be a lie. The greatest draw for changing systems is delivery time - I can instantly send clients their digital files as soon as they've purchased them. There's no packaging involved, trips to the post office, etc. It's much easier all around and less cost to the client that way.


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