Colonel Bruning, USMC - Quantico, Virginia Photographer

I can't think of a more fitting post on Veteran's Day. This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph Colonel Bruning of the United States Marine Corps at the National Museum of the Marine Corps, on the 237th Birthday of the Corps! I wish I could take credit for such awesome scheduling but it was all pure coincidence how it all worked out!

Colonel Bruning is one of the nicest men you'll ever meet. However, a man in uniform is always intimidating and I had such respect and reverance while photographing him in his dress uniform in preparation for his retirement from active service. It was an absolutely beautiful day for such an occasion.

When we moved our session to the physical exterior of the museum, we began to draw quite a crowd. It being such an important day at the museum, it was busier than usual. As guests to the museum came up to shake the Colonel's hand, I whispered to his wife that he was like the characters at Disney World! I had to step aside at the end of the session so others could take photos of the man in uniform =)

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