The Riggin Family

You know how people always tilt their head to the side and make "aww" noises when they hear a couple were high school sweethearts? Well, I went to school with both Kyle and Stephanie and even though their romance didn't start until some many years after we graduated, their story still makes me aww! They haven't changed a bit - we still laughed and talked just like we did in Math class. Man, good times!

It was such a blast working with them during the first round of my mini-sessions! They asked if they could bring their dog Alec to the shoot and I was game. He was such a well mannered pup and followed direction well =)

PS - If you missed the first round of mini-sessions, I had such a blast that I added another date in October! You can check out the details on Facebook or wait for the official post on the blog =)

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