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1. I loved your birth post about your son. Do you currently offer birth photography to your clients?

Unfortunately, it's not something I current;y offer or intend to offer in the future. I've toyed with the idea, but being on call and ready to shoot at any time just isn't feasible with my life as a mother of two.  The hours are long and time consuming and just not something I can devote myself to right now. I'd love to still knock "shooting a birth" off my bucket list someday, so never say never!

2. I know you're on maternity leave, but can you tell me when you will be booking clients again? Will you be offering a mini-session for clients on a more limited budget?

There was a part of me that almost - ALMOST - announced that I would be entertaining client inquiries for September today, but I held off when my two year old came up to me begging for "chickens". Motherhood calls! So, I'm not ready to commit to returning to work quite yet, but I expect to start looking at my schedule for the middle/end of September to start taking on clients again!

I am thinking about mini-sessions, whether they're small, quick sessions with clients or one day of multiple clients at a determined location. It all depends.

I'm not very decisive with these questions, am I?  

3. How do you compete with an area full of photographers? Do you ever worry about new competition in your area or sharing too much information for up and comers?

I try to only worry about myself as much as possible. The more you start to examine other businesses or other photographers work, the more insane you're likely to drive yourself. I am lucky that I don't depend on my business for income, but rather it's an outlet for something I love to do. With that mindset, I have tried to find a balance where I'm happy and fulfilled, I am making my clients happy, and that's all I can do.

Regarding "up and comers", I was once an up and comer too. I remember being rebuffed by other photographers, so I try to answer questions as best I can if anyone should ask me. I think there's a difference between someone wanting to learn and reaching out for help and someone trying to one up you or get access to information that would help another photographer under cut you and take your business.

Where are the newborn pictures of your little boy? Will you be doing them yourself or are you going to hire a fellow photographer to capture his first few weeks?

I went back and forth with these same questions for months as my due date approached. I've decided to take the images myself but I'm holding off for another few weeks until I revisit the beaches in North Carolina. What's more fitting for an August baby than a photo shoot on the beach??

Do you ever get tired of shooting at the same locations? Are you open to new suggestions or working at places you've never shot at before?

I wouldn't say I get "tired" of shooting at the same locations. Each client is different, so backdrops at each location can seem completely different and new. I like working at repeat locations because I know the locations and it's like I have a "cheat sheet", knowing my way around and places I want to photograph at. 

However, I love working at new locations. I love having a long list of places to choose from, so I'm always looking to add to it. It's also a challenge to work where I've never shot before - it keeps my creativity fresh and I have to work harder to find the "perfect spots" or see the end result before I've even snapped a picture.

*Note: I'm not an expert. I don't pretend to be! These are simply my opinions and experiences during my time as a professional photographer.

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