The Outer Banks

Shifting things to a little more personal subject matter for a bit! As you previously read, I spent the past week with family in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We've been vacationing at this same destination for 25 years. I remember when it was just my siblings and parents, and now I'm taking my own little girl along with her many, many cousins. That's right - there are 16 grandkids. It makes for a very eventful - albeit loud - week!

Unfortunately you won't find all but one picture of me in this set - the curse of the photographer. The important thing is I found many favorites in what I shot over the week and here are just some of those faves:

I'm sure it might confuse some why on earth would we rent a house with a pool down at the beach, but once you get a pool you'll never go back! It is especially helpful for those that are ocean shy (like my husband) or on Red Flag days, where going into the ocean water is off limits.

For the second year in a row, we headed out as a family to Jockey's Ridge State Park, just slightly past the Wright Brother's Memorial. It's a park full of tall, huge sand dunes to run and roll around in. If anyone is looking to induce labor, climbing the sand dunes is sure to get the job done. It was exhausting, but I couldn't miss out on catching some of these images!

There were a few days that the ocean was particularly rough. The first 2 days were Red Flag and other days we had to worry about rip currents. As I said, days like those we were grateful for our pool! Below, the lifeguard is warning beach goers about the hazardous surf. We were impressed with how vigilant the guards were this year.


See - only one image of me, and I'm headless! =) Here's to next year!


  1. I love these pictures because I LOVE the Outer Banks! My dad and I have hang-glided off of those very same sand dunes at Jockey's Ridge on a few daddy-daughter trips. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures Kelli! Looks like great times and great memories! Also, it looks like Autumn's eye is doing better.

  3. looks like y'all had a great time! Gotta get me one of those 85s.