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1. Has there ever been a time where you didn't "click" with a client?

There have only been a small handful of times where the client and I just didn't "click". Anytime you work with someone one-on-one and in such a personal and intimate setting like photography there is a chance that photographer and client just won't see eye to eye, humor isn't understood, miscommunications happen or expectations aren't met. That being said, I make sure every client is happy and satisfied with their work. Obviously if they don't express their concerns I can't help, but I do my best to make sure I've done everything I can to give them the desired results from their session.

Images by Chance Hammock

2. Does it upset you when former clients work with another photographer?

As I have said in the past, it is the greatest compliment when clients come back and desire to work with me for another session! It makes me all gooey inside. However, that doesn't always happen. I'm only human, so of course it stings when a former client goes elsewhere. But, I don't take it personal - it's business. Perhaps the client and I just didn't "click", my style/pricing/offerings have changed, or perhaps they just want to try something different with a new photographer!

3. Congrats on  your pregnancy! With your baby set to arrive soon, will you hire a photographer to do newborn photos of your baby? What kinds of things would you look for as a photographer turned client?

Thank you! Only 2 more months to go! I've been tossing around the idea of hiring out someone to do my newborn photos for a while now. Lots of tossing. Admittedly newborn photography is not my favorite (because it's hard work, long hours - but they're oh so cute!) and I don't know if I will be up to doing the photos myself.

Should I decide to seek out another photographer, style is the biggest thing I would look for. I personally love a more photo-journalistic style of newborn photography - no props, clean processing and just candid photos of baby in their natural state. There are so many photographers who excel at prop photography and all those crazy jellyroll poses - but I am not one of them! While their work is beautiful, I simply look for something different as a photography and as a would-be client.

Have you ever dropped your camera?

Have I? No. My cameras and lenses are like my other babies. Has my daughter ever dropped my camera? Yes. =)

What advice can you give to new photographers regarding the style of their images?

Final images and "straight out of the camera shots" are two different things. You can change the look of your work and define your style through post-processing alone. I prefer a more classic look. I love all of the filters and actions you can apply to photos, and in many cases a session or "mood" warrants these, but I prefer to keep my photography timeless and I think clients who work with me look for the same. It took a lot of experimentation on my part to figure out what "style" and look worked best for me and what I felt most comfortable with. Now, I have my processing down to a science.

That's my best advice - experiment. Find what works best for you and what draws in the clients. There are clients for every style and aesthetic. =) 

*Note: I'm not an expert. I don't pretend to be! These are simply my opinions and experiences during my time as a professional photographer.

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