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1. While a good business mantra, logically speaking, the customer isn't always right. Have you found a good way to ensure a win-win for both you and the client when there's a misunderstanding?

I think it's all about compromise. In a business where you are your own boss and not a big corporation, it can be very easy to let clients walk all over you. Have there been times where I have put on a happy face to make a client happy? Absolutely. Have I had to politely tell a client no, and explain to them why a solution would be unfair to me as a business woman? Yes (and after hitting SEND I may or may not have cowered behind my screen, terrified of their reply!). The key is to keep everything professional and work to find a happy medium where both the photographer and client feel like they are being respected and their needs are being met.

2. Outside of Facebook, do you use any social media to promote your work?

Social media exists outside of Facebook? 

3. What's one camera accessory (flash, bag, tripod, etc) would you buy if you had one free purchase?

I would probably buy another camera bag. Just like any girl, photographer or not, you can never have enough bags! Different sessions call for different supplies and equipment, so it would be fun to have a few bags for different purposes to mix things up!

If you could buy any one lens right now, what would it be?

The 24-70mm 2.8, hands down! I have used various zoom lenses for weddings, but nothing beats this amazing piece of glass. The sharpness, the colors, etc. I rent it for every wedding I shoot! Unfortunately I don't specialize in weddings, so I can't justify the expense of purchasing the lens for my collection...yet. =)

What are your favorite photography websites?

I don't really follow too many. I once read that the only work you should compare yourself to is your own - so, to feel really good about myself I will look at my old work and give myself a pat on the back for how much I have learned and grown in the past 2 years! =)

I do however have the "Craft of Photography" installed on my iPad on my Flipboard app, which pulls in all sorts of fun articles from Photography blogs all over the internet. It's pretty much the only outside resource I use! 


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