Friday 5

1. What kind of insurance do you use to protect your equipment?

As a member of the Professional Photographers of America, I have insurance provided by PhotoCare that covers my equipment loss due to fire, theft or my equipment breaking. I am also enrolled in the Indemnification Trust program, which protects me in the event of digital image data loss, my inability to be at an event or session at a certain time, missed images, and even client dissatisfaction. It feels good to be protected!

2. What piece of equipment would you buy that wouldn't have a place in your camera bag on a daily basis?

Hmmm... this is tough. I love a fisheye lens, but their uses are limited, as they don't work well for portraits. Also, I'd love a super-wide lens. Mostly for taking pictures of my home and my DIY projects. Again, a wide angle lens would never work for portraiture, maybe weddings, but the cost vs. use would be too great. I'd rather invest in equipment that would benefit me from a business standpoint.

3. What is your least and most favorite aspect of shooting a wedding?

The least favorite? The pressure! A wedding cannot be rescheduled, so the fear of my becoming ill, getting stuck in traffic, or anything going wrong is a giant stressor. As for on the job, missing a shot, missing a "moment" - I can only be in so many places at once. The long hours are tough, but I am grateful that all of my couples have taken care of me! They always make sure I am fed at the reception and enjoy myself! The best part of course is being part of so many intimate moments for a couple on their wedding day. I love being with the bride before the ceremony. I love being there to document the first time a groom sees his new bride. Also - I love the food! Who doesn't love a taste of wedding cake as part of their job??

4. Why is it that you no longer include the digital files in your package?

It is my goal to provide my clients with the best final product that I can deliver. I simply cannot do that by giving away my images to be printed by unprofessional photo labs. While they are no longer included in my package to clients, they are available for purchase at very competitive rates. It is still possible to obtain the digital images of your favorite poses from your session!

5. What are your thoughts on the new D4 camera body, just announced by Nikon?

More than I paid for both my current camera bodies and my husband's used car COMBINED. Not in my future, let's leave it at that! Someday... when I strike oil.

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