Friday 5

1. Do you ever plan to offer "mini" sessions for a reduced price?

I have offered mini-sessions in the past, but no one took advantage of them!  =) Clients typically prefer to pick their own session date (usually not the case with mini-sessions) so booking mini-sessions can be difficult - clients can cancel/want to reschedule, the times/dates available may not work, the location may not be ideal, etc. It isn't an idea I have completely abandoned, so perhaps I will cook something up in the future.

2. Why do you shoot with Nikon and not a Canon?

My research behind my first big SLR camera purchase was this - "Wow, I love the way my friend's pictures look. I'm going to buy their camera so my pictures look like that too." Yep. That is exactly what I did. I purchased a Nikon and now it is just what "I know" and why I remain loyal to the brand!

3. What might wannabe photographers not expect from shooting a session?

For me personally, it's how sore you'll be afterward! I have horrible joints and knees, so following a long day of shooting a wedding, and even just an hour session with a family, I am beat. By the end of the night my knees are throbbing and my thighs are feelings the burn. This may or may not indicate I am in horrible shape...

4. Do you ever sell your unedited proofs to clients?

No. It would be like a baker selling a cake without frosting. I only want the world to see and view my work at its best. 

5. What have you learned this year about running a business?

So much! It's been a great year and I feel very successful, grateful and ready for a break! =) I have managed to really perfect my workflow and work out the kinks with my policies and procedures. Loving my work and doing what I love is very different from being a businesswoman. This year, those two things worked much better together!

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