Friday 5

1. Can you explain a little bit more as to what you mean by "RAW" files?

RAW files are a file saving option withing your digital SLR camera. The RAW file format is digital photography's equivalent of a negative in film photography. RAW files are your negatives, where a JPEG is your developed picture. Just as with film negatives, RAW files give you the flexibility to change settings after an image has been taken (such as white balance, exposure, sharpening, etc). RAW files are certainly more forgiving, but they aren't without drawbacks. The file sizes are much larger than a JPEG because they record so much extra data, they cannot easily be viewed outside a photo editor (which is why I shoot in RAW+JPEG) and take more time to transfer from camera to computer. That being said, I believe RAW files trump JPEGs in every way. =)

2. How do you react when potential clients tell you (or their friends) that you are "too expensive"?

I believe there is a difference between being out of budget for a potential client and someone not valuing me for what my time and talent is worth. I believe every potential client should shop around - not only to understand the varying rate for professional photography, but also for the style and personality of a photographer. Clients will find that my prices are extremely competitive and any experienced photographer is going to charge what they need to in order to cover their expenses, taxes, time, and their talent.

3. What would you do if you dropped your camera or it broke?


No really, I'd probably cry. It's my 2nd child! Even though my equipment is insured, I would be devastated. While I was waiting for the legalities of getting it replaced, I do have my previous camera model to use as a backup. I carry it with me at all the weddings I just shoot because of all places, that is NOT where you want to be without a camera. =)

4. Where does most of your business come from?

I work mostly through referrals, so I usually know clients through other clients. Facebook has also been a great tool for advertising.

5. Will your prices change next year?

They will, yes. I'm simplifying and compensating for my growing business' growing business expenses! I don't think clients have anything too much to worry about - I'm ironing out the details, but there will only be a slight increase overall and clients will actually get more images and more prints with my new pricing plan. Stay tuned!

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