Richard & Kimberly Engagements - Occoquan, VA Photographer

It's amazing to get to work with friends, but it's even more amazing to work with one I've known since the 4th grade! A bonus of working where I grew up perhaps? Kimberly and I once sat at the same table in Mrs. Wells 4th grade class where I vividly remember having an argument about the song 'The Sign' by Ace of Base. I was arguing that the words were "I saw the sun" because why else would she sing "and it opened up my get into the light where you belong"? Yeah well, I may or may not have lost that argument. We continued being friends into high school and through Facebook have been able to keep in touch as we've both gone off to school and grown up.

She and Richard are still working out the fine details of their wedding planning, but I was so excited when she asked me to take their engagement photos. It is always so flattering to be hired by a friend. Richard suggested Occoquan regional park, just across the water from historic Occoquan, where I have shot many sessions. It was a beautiful location and one I hope to use again! Here are just some of my favorites of this super cute couple:

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