The Pressey Family - Occoquan, VA Photographer

This weekend I had the opportunity to shoot the Pressey Family (wow, out of context that could sound horribly violent) in Old Town Occoquan. Lindsey, Chad and Grayson were such a cute little family. Originally from the area, we graduated from the same high school in different classes. Though friends in high school, Lindsey and Chad didn't start dating until they both reunited at college. As Lindsay puts it, jokingly, Chad was "too good for everyone in high school". A cute couple, with a super cute little boy and though he may not be pictured, a super cute crib dog. =)


  1. I happened upon your blog a few months ago and I must say, that I love your style of photography! The colors are always so vibrant, but not too much, the backgrounds add without overpowering, I love that you don't use a lot of gimmicks and "trendy" props, colors, etc. Wow. I am an amateur just looking to learn how to make better pictures for myself, and I learn so much by viewing your photos. Keep up the great work!

  2. Rachel, thank you so much! What a wonderful compliment! You made my day. I literally grabbed my chest and "aww"'d. If you ever have any questions or anything I can help with, feel free to ask!