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1. Do you ever worry that your friends are looking for a discount?

I would love to cut all of my friends a deal but I am running a business and want to be fair to all my clients. I've made it a point to not give discounts to friends so that one friend doesn't feel snubbed when they don't get a reduced price. The only sessions I conduct for free or at a reduced rate are for my immediate family and sessions I conduct to build my portfolio in a particular area.  

 2. Your daughter is stunning! Do you just take a million pictures of her!?

Um... no. I'm horrible! You would think the daughter of a photographer would be sick of having her picture taken, but in my situation that is not the case. Aside from snapshots when she's doing something funny, I am usually so busy with client images that my own "sessions" are quite neglected. It wasn't until just a few weeks ago I bothered to have my own pictures taken for the first time - ever! I feel bad that I don't take more "professional pictures" of my little girl and that is definitely a resolution I have for 2012!

3. What gear is on your wish list?

Wish list indeed - it will be years before I can save enough to buy everything I'd love to own and shoot with! I would love the 85mm 1.4 lens - it's beautiful for portraiture. A little limiting though since you need so much space between you and the subject, which is why I have not seriously considered replacing my 50mm with it. I'd also love to buy the 28-70mm 2.8 to have on hand for weddings, but I love renting this lens from Lens Pro 2 Go. I would also love to have the 35mm 1.4, which would come in handy when I need just a little more room than the 50mm can give me.

4. Have you ever lost or botched client files?

No - and I hope I don't jinx myself. I have heard of this happening to other photographers, which is why I always download my images immediately following a session. I don't clear them from my memory cards until the card is full several days/weeks later, just in case. However, I have heard of quite a few programs that can magically recall images recently deleted from an SD card. I always keep those on the backburner, just in case.

5. Besides getting your gear ready for sessions, is there anything else you do? Jumping jacks, pep talks? :o)

I try to relax as much as possible before a session so that my stomach condition doesn't trigger. I prepare the night before to help. I do my best to leave early in case I do need to stop, get lost, etc. It's always my goal to arrive before the client. I love to pump myself up in the car with good jams - for a while it was Flo Rida's "Club Can't Handle Me", and lately it's been Lady Gaga's new album!

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  1. What works the best for you in getting children and family groups to all be looking at you? HOw do your techniques differ when serving a client that is totally unfamiliar to person who found your blog and loved your work and called you up and hired you for a session. How do you cope with nerves in these situations? Its one thing to do photography for someone you know or at least someone who knows someone vs. total stranger:)