The Eliason Family

Hail, torrential downpours, and even tornadoes couldn't postpone my session with the Eliason family! Luckily the clouds parted and within a matter of hours you'd have never known it was so ugly out the past few days.

The Eliason family are some of my favorite people! I have known Karen for years and she has quickly grown to be one of my closest friends. Unfortunately for me however, her husband Ken is starting a new career and they will soon be moving so he can attend Dental school. I will be so sad to see her family go. I love her boys and her sweet Laura, born just a few months after my own little girl Autumn. Little Colin was very concerned as to the whereabouts of my little girl during our session, but big brother Nathaniel kept him and all of us laughing and on our toes with these 3 handfuls!

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