The Brewer Family - Oh hey, that's me!

As a photographer, I spend so much time behind the camera that it is not very often I have pictures of myself. Doesn't that always happen to the photographer in the family, professional or not?

One of my close friends Melanie is also a photographer (see her family pictures here) and when I knew I would be visiting Utah I asked if she would be interested in a trade - a chance for both us photographers to have nice pictures of ourselves with our families. Melanie was game and I am so happy with the results from our session! I am so grateful to have such beautiful pictures of our family. If you are in the Utah County area, please consider hiring her - she's amazing!

Enjoy this sneak peak at my family - my husband Adam and our almost 2 year old daughter Autumn. Without the support of my husband I wouldn't be able to do what I do. Photography also allows me to be a stay at home mom to my first love, my little girl. So, here we are - thanks so much Melanie!


  1. such great pictures!! where is that purple shirt from??? its fabulous!

  2. It is from J. Crew - I thrifted it in the Outer Banks for only $3.50!