The Hoban Family - Stafford, VA Photographer

There was a moment I wasn't sure this session with the Hoban family would happen. Previously I've mentioned that I have a stomach condition. I'll spare you the details... Anyway, a few weeks ago it was a sad day for Kelli Brewer Photography - I had to ask a client to reschedule because of my condition. It was my worst nightmare! I have never wanted it to interfere with my work and I stressed and stressed over it, but I am so grateful to Jaclyn and her family for being so kind and willing to work with me despite my last minute need to reschedule!

Luckily the following week I was feeling more like myself and we were able to meet at Government Island in Stafford. It was a blissfully hot day but the girls were dressed cool and the tree cover helped shade us during the late afternoon. Despite the heat, Jaclyn's two little girls were so well mannered and did whatever I asked of them. Anytime I asked Jaclyn if there was something I was missing or a shot she'd maybe had in mind she simply said, "I trust you!" It made my day - and put a little pressure on me =) So, here are just a few of my favorites with the Hoban Family, and here's to hoping I delivered!


  1. another fantastic session; well done! I've never heard of Gov't Island, but now I have to get out there!