Can you spot the difference? When the clone tool comes to the rescue...

Can you spot the subtle difference in these two photographs?

If you're still looking, let me point you in the direction of the Bride's hair. See it?

As a photographer it's my job to pick up on things that are important or of concern to my client. It was hot and humid from morning rain the day of the event and Cassie was concerned about her bangs separating. She and her bridesmaids tried to keep a close watch, but every now and again they got away from us. That's where the clone tool comes in!

The clone tool let's you more or less "copy and paste" from the existing image. As your brush paints over a specific area, instead of a single color it paints an exact copy of a selection within that image. For Cassie's hair, I selected the clone tool and pressed ALT. This changes your cursor from a brush to a cross hair or bullseye looking cursor. While holding the ALT key, you'll select the area you want to copy. I selected the side bangs almost right next to the broken section by simply clicking the cross hair in that area. By doing that, you've told Photoshop where you want to paste from.

What I love about Photoshop CS5 is that when I remove my hand from the ALT key and begin painting, I can see what is going to be copied there before I click the mouse. After adjusting my brush size, I simply painted the small section of skin poking through.

The finished product is what you see. No more broken bangs, just perfectly set hair. =)

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