The Strong Family - Mount Vernon, Virginia Photographer

Getting the whole family together for dinner can be a challenge, forget a photo shoot. I love that the Strong family got the kids together for a special session devoted just to them. Such a smart idea! Their mom Heidi asked if I would be willing to shoot at Mount Vernon - I jumped at the chance and can't wait to shoot there again!

Situated on prime real estate facing the Potomac River, the mansion once belonged to President George and Martha Washington. Very few people know of my obsession and love for history (I considered minoring in it), so this was right up my alley. I've always had a thing for the "olden days" and it was so amazing to take pictures next to this amazing structure and some of the original stonework and architecture. Would you believe it was a Saturday afternoon and packed with tourists when you look at these shots?

Kjersti, Elijah and Eve were so much fun to shoot and made my job so easy. Also - props to Heidi! This shoot is a perfect example of how to coordinate clothing for a session without being "matchy matchy" and keeping everyone unique!


  1. Seriously gorgeous, Kelli!
    I am loving your stuff!

  2. Love those pictures and I love those kids!!! Great job Kelli...they really turned out so cute!