Jessie & Jacob Engagements - Occoquan, VA Photographer

You know how there are some couples you look at and think 'How on earth did they get together?' Let me assure you that Jessie and Jacob are NOT one of those couples. These two are such a perfect fit for each other. They seemed to forget I was there and needed little direction as much of what you see below were shots captured in the moment as they talked and laughed with each other - and perhaps keeping each other warm in what was one of the coldest days this winter! In addition to the breezy November day we had another obsticle to work with - an injured finger on Jessie's right hand. You'll notice it is carefully hidden in most shots. =) Below you'll find some of my favorite shots from their engagement session. I am so looking forward to shooting their wedding in the Spring!

Congrats guys!

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