The Emerick Family - Haymarket, Virginia Photographer

I love this little family! Mitch, Anna and their son Marshall were so fun and easy to shoot. We shot this session out at Chapman's Mill in Haymarket, VA which happens to be right next to train tracks. I wasn't certain whether or not they were working tracks, so we joked with little Marshall that if he heard or saw a train, RUN! We worked through our session and ended on the tracks. As I positioned the family and squatted down to get the shot, I joked "if you see a train pop up behind me, let me know!" I didn't actually think not a minute later a huge train actually would! It turned the corner behind me and let out a great whistle and we all ran for it! Who knew photography was such a dangerous job? We made it out of the way and waved to the conductor as we got a front row seat to the train passing by. =) Here are some of my favorite shots from our session!



  1. I'm glad you got the kid's boots. I loved them. They have a beautiful family. Good job Kelli. Well done.

  2. THAT'S MY BEST FRIEND!!!! Oh these photos are fabulous, you totally captured how SWEET this family is! Wonderful shoot, I love them ALL! ps. isn't Anna the most gorgeous girl ever?! :)