Photoshop: You're doing it wrong...

You can always spot a new or novice photographer by their post processing (changes made to an image in Photoshop). I think my great friend Josh said it best [regarding some editing techniques], "Where am I, on a cloud? No! Could've sworn I was at a wedding." We both had a great laugh but he nailed the issue many new Photoshop users struggle with - over processing.

Take a look at the images below - neither are what the image looked like straight out of the camera but I think you'll be able to tell very clearly which one went overboard with their post processing.

Even the best photographers have made these mistakes - I sure know I have, so please don't confuse my humor or sarcasm with pretension. I cringe when I look at some edits on my earlier work...

Photoshop is hugely powerful tool. I've been using it for over 10 years and I am still learning! Just remember, it should be used to enhance a Photograph. Not show us every filter you have learned to use... Here are a few more Photoshop tragedies:

Aside from a sharpening filter or a blur you never actually see, I never touch the filters on my Photoshop. I learned my lesson... Below is an example of what I feel is a properly enhanced image. The client, Alexis is super crazy gorgeous but we were losing light as dusk was setting in and I used Photoshop to give the image a bit of a boost - while staying out of the clouds =)

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